Where is Your Strength?

With the gym as his refuge, Jack has taken a huge step in taking control of his health. 


Strength is a big thing. It comes in many shapes and sizes. Mental, physical – you name it.

With CF, it isn’t always easy to have the strength to keep pushing on, but that's why we are 10x stronger than the next person.

I was diagnosed at 11 days old with the gene mutation Deltaf508. I struggled a lot through my school years. It wasn't easy. Not many people understood what I was going through and some still don't to this day.

I was the kid who would have to duck out of class to go to the toilet all the time. The kid who was coughing and going to hospital. I was bullied, and it was hard.

I struggled in the past with coming to terms with cystic fibrosis and what it could do to me. But then I found my release, and it changed my life – the gym.

As soon as I turned to the gym, I was set free. I had that one place where I could just let it all go – the stress, the anger, etc. On top of that, I began changing my body for the better! 

I've changed so much physically and mentally since I first started. I've been training for 2 years, and have gone from 55kg to 75kg (121lbs to 165lbs). My lung function has gone from 60-70% to 116%. 

So ultimately, strength comes from within (as cliché as that sounds). But it's where you find it that will define you. Whether it be mentally or physically, we all have the strength to go forward.